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Who We Are

The idea behind Chozen is simple — we wanted to create something more than your standard tour. We love exploring the sights, meeting new people, and having a good time abroad, but on nearly every tour or excursion we went on, we always found there to be something missing… time to chill!

Who doesn’t love a little minute to relax after a long walk or a tiresome swim? This is what our Chill-Out Zones are for. They’re mini pop-up picnic-style areas for you to put your feet up, eat some lunch, rejuvenate those legs, and even kick around a football with your new friends. Any chance to get you in the water, we make sure there are inflatables for you to relax or play on, and they make for great pics with the stunning scenery surrounding you!

We take you to some of the most secluded locations Far North Queensland has to offer! Tell me you’re not sick of getting somewhere and having to queue for that perfect pic… and when it’s finally your turn, there are 20 people in the background… annoying! With Chozen, the group size is limited to 20, and with some locations that are not even on a map, you’ll most likely be the only ones there, well apart from our inspirational guide. Always there to get your perfect snaps, tell you all you need to know about where you are, deliver quality banter, and generally brighten up your day (which is so needed on those gloomier tropical days), you’ll love the guides as much as we do.

So if you love exploring, finding hidden gems, and having your own slice of paradise, then book your tickets to our Scenic Events today; we have four to chooze from, or pick’n’mix your faves!

Young, fresh, and innovative, our Scenic Events are designed for travellers.

Who likes boring anyway?

Designed for Explorers