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Rockpools & Rainbows

Quick Details

Cairns Adventure and a Beautiful Lookout

Adult (Ages 18+)

Rockpools & Rainbows

Today is all about discovering places only the locals know, chasing rainbows and swimming in a variety of rock pools!

Ponytail Falls is first on the agenda. Now this is a place you’ll struggle to find on a map, but once you’re here, you’ll be happy we did. This area has one (or sometimes two) single-tiered ponytail-style falls gushing into clear teal water. Swim safely amongst plenty of large boulders which are great to relax on or get some jaw-dropping pics (check out ours for inspiration).

Champagne Falls is probably one of the most exquisite falls you’ll see in Australia! Powerful and tall, gliding to the step-like rock formations below, and if you’re lucky, lit up with bright rainbows

After lunch, we take a short drive to our colourful Chill-Out Zone, where swimming, sunbathing, and stunning scenic photo opportunities are abundant. Relax here for the rest of the day in this secluded oasis or take advantage of the space and play.

This day has so many photo opportunities that it would be a shame to miss!

What to Bring

Don’t forget to bring your own: Camera, Water, Comfy Shoes, Sunscreen & A Smile